2020 – Created a series of youtube videos and instruction guide about marketing techniques using technology. Instruction Guide: guide.6allyhoo.com/ YouTube Playlist: 6allyhoo.com

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Bing Bus

2020 – Developed an iPhone app for tracking and navigating the Binghamton University student-run bus service. Design the user interface from scratch which included animations…

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2018 – Co-founded a startup through the Birthright Excel Ventures program in Tel Aviv, Israel. Schollab is an ed-tech startup that helps undergraduate college students…

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2014 – Created an app called Centuri for Sci-Tech class. Features: Sensors and cameras built into the iPhone to inexpensively track nearly anything. The ability to…

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CTO and Co-Founder of Peersomet, a startup. Founded in September of 2014, Peersomet is a 501(c)(3) that sends advertisements to smartphones and in return, allows…

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